Lebowsky Center in Owosso opens its curtains for first time in 7 years

With tears in their eyes, the Owosso Community Players have a home again.

The stage is set, the doors are open, and the Lebowsky Center is open for the first time in 7 years,

"I don't really think it has sunk in yet" says Linda Keenan, past President of the Owosso Community Players.

In February of 2007, a fire swept through the theatre nearly destroying the entire building.

"It was like losing your church or your elementary school" says Linda.

"It was gut-wrenching, it was like we had lost a member of our family" says Charlie Keenan, President of the Owosso Community Players.

The Players were down but not out.

Fundraising began immediately after with a plan to rebuild better than before.

"We had an architect we had hired in 1993 and I brought him in after the fire and his glass was half full and he said well this is what we can do with it" says Charlie.

7 years and more than $5-million later a pleasant rainbow of new seats, a new stage, all represent a new era for a venue that is now a combination of historic and modern.

But a few scars remain around the stage as a reminder of what the theatre and its performers have gone through.

"There was a tragedy here, but we are still here and we need to remember where we came from and it will fuel us where we're going" says Ryan Bladzik, Executive Director for the Owosso Community Players.

For more information on the new theatre and the performers click HERE.

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