"Legal scrapping" puts a dent in church's fight against blight

The Joy Tabernacle Church's ongoing efforts to fight blight in the Civic Park Region in Flint have hit a snag.

Scrappers just a block from the church have started the legal scrapping of siding off homes.

Pastor Robert McCathern confirmed the scrappers legality with the city.

The City of Flint updated its scrap metal ordinance last year requiring those who sell scrap metal to have a valid permit.

Pastor McCathern says allowing legal scrapping is counter-productive and a hard hit to his hard working volunteers who are working to beautify the local neighborhoods.

"We have a lot of people going around with permission to scrap and destroy homes so we need to just get our priorities right in the city. It disturbs me that we are not sometimes on the same page," says Pastor McCathern of Joy Tabernacle Church.

The church has spent months of working hand in hand with the Genesee County Land Bank, putting up faux windows and doors to revitalize their community.