Legally blind local wrestler is an associate pastor

"There ain't no time like Father Time".

That's the favorite line of local "Pure Pro" wrestler Leo Napier, also known as Father Time.

The fact that he still gets in the ring may be surprising. Napier is legally blind, battling what's called retinnitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that gets worse over time. He's also had several strokes. He's battled cancer. Plus diabetes. Perhaps it's his faith that gets him through. He serves as the associate pastor of United Missionary Baptist Church in Flint.

He's expected to participate in two local Pure Pro wrestling events in the month of July. He also isn't forgetting about his duties as a father and grandfather.

I was able to mix it up with Father Time during our morning show on Thursday. What an inspirational story he is! So funny. A real survivor. I joked his story sounds like a movie of the week. He hinted he'd like to take on NBC 25's Brett Dickie in the ring for fun. I pointed out, given Father Time's limitations, if Brett lost that match, he'd have to hand in his man card.