"Legitimate rape"?

Perhaps you've heard about the nationwide uproar over Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's comments about rape. During a TV interview on Sunday, Akin said that women have biological defenses to prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape", making abortion unnecessary. Akin, a Republican was the front runner in a Senate race with incumbent democrat Sen. Clare McCaskill.

Akin has since apologized saying he misspoke. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney denounced the statements. So did President Obama. Some are urging Akin to get out of the race. As of this writing, he has not.

Political expert and part-time Mott Community College professor Paul Rozycki says he's seen his share of political gaffes through the years. But never one quite like this. Rozycki says he's be surprized if Akin stays in. He agrees it's a sensitive issue for Romney says polls show more female voters support President Obama.

Rozycki also weighed in on the presidential race, saying Romney faces an uphill battle to win his "home state" of Michigan.

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