Life in prison without parole

Convicted killer Ellias Abuelazam, who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt, was sentenced to life in prison without parole, today. There was an emotional outburst inside the courtroom as the sentence was being handed down.

Because Abuelazam was convicted of the 1st degree premeditated murder of Arnold Minor, Judge Judith Fullerton had little leaway in his sentence. The judge said, "the sentence of this court today in prison without parole".

Moments before the sentencing, the sister of victim Arnold Minor, addressed the court. Stephanie Ward said, "We're glad this day is here, and hope he rots in hell for the pain he put this city through." Then her mom, Elzora Snyder, Minor's mother, collapsed in the courtroom in grief. Paramedics were called to the scene. She was later said to be OK.

Abuelezam is accued of killing a total of 5 people and injuring 9 others, all with a knife. For the families of those victims, its was the end of their 2 year emotional ordeal. The mother of victim David Motley, cried out. Barbara Motley Embry says "it's just so unjustifiable. Flint has been called a lot of names, but our town was not like that before he got here. Stephnie Ward added, "Just evil, just no remorse, he was just an empty shell, after years of torment, nothing. Just a blank."

Prosecutor David Leyton says "the police community worked very hard on this, but no one suffered more than the victims and their families".

If there is a next trial against Abuelezam, it would be for the murder of Frank Kellebrew. But Leyton says he isn't sure he'll go through with it, since this one cost taxpayers more than 100 thousand dollars.