Lifeguard shortage closes Lapeer water parks two days a week

Nothing says summer like beating the heat at a water park, unless the park is closed.

Two Lapeer county waterparks are closing their gates twice a week because of a lifeguard shortage.

â??We are having a difficult time finding lifeguards,â?? said Park Manager Larry Saltzman.

Rather than being open 7 days a week, Torzewski and General Squier Memorial Parks are locking their gates Mondayâ??s and Tuesdays because their past employee's left for college and the jobs haven't been filled.

The water parks need ten lifeguards to operate 7 days a week.

"We have five right now," said Saltzman.

Torzewski and General Squire Water Parks can only be open 5 days a week to give their short staff a couple days off work.

"Itâ??s important for a lifeguard to get that time off because if they are working 6 or 7 days a week they're not going to be as attentive," said Saltzman.

The parks need to hire 4 to 6 lifeguards with Red Cross certifications to stay open seven days. Lapeer residents say, the word is out, and the community is searching for qualified people reopen the parks.

"A lot of junior and seniors going onto college like to get lifeguarding jobs," said Lapeer resident Nick Melendez.

Until the positions are filled the county continues to lose money and people are missing out on one of Lapeer Countyâ??s summer luxuries.

"We operate these parks with revenue we make off the parks," said Saltzman.

If you are interested in applying to be a lifeguard visit the countyâ??s website. Or you can visit the parks office at the County Building located at 255 Clay Street in Lapeer. The job pays $7.25 per hour unless youâ??re over 18 ($7.40).

For more information about park hours and fees click here.