Light snow coming after our big meltdown

This is how things looked from our tower this afternoon in the Clio/Birch Run area. (Photo courtesy of Justin Tolen.) Most areas are still snow covered, despite the mild temperatures.

Snow has melted quickly across Mid-Michigan since Friday of last week with highs mainly in the 40s and lows near or above the freezing mark.

Although almost everything is covered with snow in the Clio/Birch Run area (see image 1), the snowpack has gone from nearly a foot last week to around 2" today thanks to the mild temperatures.

Official snow depth records taken at Bishop Airport in Flint since Friday are shown in image 2, along with high and low temperatures.

Snow depth measurements are taken every day just before sunrise.

Temperatures above freezing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings didn't allow the snowpack to re-freeze, giving us almost four consecutive days of melting before temperatures finally dropped below freezing early Tuesday morning.

Had temperatures dropped below the freezing mark on one or more of those mornings, the snow melt would have slowed significantly as it takes a substantial amount of heat energy to re-thaw a thick layer of snowpack.

Temperatures are now expected to stay below freezing through the end of the week.

Although no heavy snows are expected, another Alberta Clipper could bring an inch or two to the area on Thursday.

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