Lightning knocks NBC25 and CW46 off the air

This video of lightning hitting NBC25's tower was captured during another storm

A lightning strike damaged equipment at NBC25 and CW46, forcing the stations off the air Sunday evening.

Engineers quickly went to work to make sure your favorite NBC25 programming is available for you, despite damaged equipment. Right now, you can watch NBC25 programming on one of two broadcast channels. Tune into 46.1 or 30.3. If you do not automatically have those channels, re-scan for new channels.

This is a temporary fix we have put in place. NBC25 Engineers are working to fix equipment damaged by the lightning strike, and get both NBC25 and CW46 back on the air as soon as possible on their regular channels.

The lightning strike happened just before 6:00 p.m. as crews were getting ready for the weekend evening newscast.

Crews heard a loud crack of thunder, then the lights flickered, and some of the computers went down in the studio, weather center, and control room.

It is unfortunate that we TMre off the air during severe weather, but fortunately, just before this happened we had cut in with a severe weather alert. We got the message out, said NBC25 meteorologist Janet Van De Winkle.

Janet then continued to update viewers on NBC25 TMs Facebook page and at

We will continue to bring you any severe weather updates, as well as updates on repairs to our equipment on-line.