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      Little free library reopens after donations

      Neighbors in Davison are trying to figure out why someone would take all the children's books from a little free library in their neighborhood.

      Kim Carter said she stepped out for a few hours and when she returned she discovered all the books in the library were all gone.

      "All the books were gone, all the books I mean it is just ironic that somebody would do this!"

      Little free libraries are registered through a website, with librarians paying a registration fee. Essentially, book lovers borrow a book and return it or replace it. Carter said her neighbor spotted the story-stealers in action but could not catch them.

      After the incident she took to social media and support started pouring in.

      "I now have over 1300 books and that is just since friday morning."

      While Carter welcomes all the support she said the books donated are more than enough for her basement. Today the library reopened but neighbors like Lindsay Howell say the incident is still troubling despite all the donations.

      "I mean I'm glad that people are donating and that's very nice of everybody to do that but I still just do not understand why anyone would do that it is just sad."

      Donation are being taken for the library at both Anacelia's Mexican Restaurant locations -- 2804 Richfield Road in Flint and 5006 Lapeer Road in Burton. She says she is in need of fairy-themed books.