Little girl needs bone marrow match to save her life

Joseph and Rebecca Lasley with their daughter Madison

A little girl in Flint Township is looking for help in finding a bone marrow match that will save her life.

This little girl is full of smiles.

She loves to play outside and wave and blow kisses.

But her life so far hasn't been easy.

She TMs been diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia and now her family is asking the community for help.

One-year-old Madison Lasley is learning how to take her first steps, but she's not like every little girl her age.

"It TMs still hard to see the term leukemia and her name associated with it," said Rebecca Lasley, Madison TMs mother.

This summer, Madison was diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, a rare form of blood cancer.

"I never thought I could handle something like this, but I TMm learning that I can," said Rebecca Lasley.

Doctors say a bone marrow transplant is Madison TMs best treatment for survival.

Madison TMs type of leukemia is so rare, only about 25 babies get diagnosed with it every year, but the Lasley's are optimistic they'll find a bone marrow match.

"We're expecting a baby boy the end of September, his name is Josiah," said Rebecca Lasley.

The Lasley's say the pregnancy was a total surprise, and there's a 25% chance Madison TMs new brother will be a match.

"There is a reason he is here, and it is not just by chance," said Joseph Lasley, Madison TMs father.

But the couple is still looking for other potential donors.

This Saturday a bone marrow drive will be held at their church.

Joe TMs been busy making dozens of cookies for the community event.

"It TMs just unreal the type of support we have gotten," said Joseph Lasley.

If Madison finds a donor, she'll spend up to three months at U of M's Cancer Center starting in October.

"Our lives are going to be upside down for that time you know, because we are going to have a new little one, plus her in the hospital," said Joseph Lasley.

But handling stress has made this family closer, and their faith stronger.

"However it works out, it will be what God has planned for us," said Rebecca Lasley.

If you'd like to help, a bone marrow drive for Madison is scheduled for this weekend in Flint.

It will be held at Bethany Baptist Church in Flint from 10 until 2 p.m.

The address is 2350 E. Hemphill Road.

NBC25 will continue to cover Madison TMs story.

We TMll let you know if the Lasley's find a bone marrow match.