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      Lobster Bisque OMG!

      Just like that scene out of Seinfeld, you gotta try some Lobster Bisque!

      The soup that Chef Brad creates from Food 26-11 out of Saginaw is pure heaven. Brad is a personal chef. I complained to Brad that some of the bisque I've had seems to too salty. Brad assured me that wasn't the case with his bisque. If you want to try some at home, here you go.

      Chef Brad's Lobster Bisque


      4 cups cream

      1.5 cups chicken stock

      Half a small white onion

      18 ounces of lobster

      pinch of salt

      pepper to taste

      6 tablespoons of butter

      6 tablespsoons of flour

      half teaspoon celery salt

      Cook the lobster tails till just done. Save lobster water and melt butter, add onion. Cook till onion is soft. Add flour. Cook for 5 minutes. Pour cream in slowly and simmer until soup sets up. Chop lobster tail and add to soup. Simmer 20 minutes. Before serving, add lobster garnish on top.

      Great on a cold rainy day. Enjoy!