Local actors star in movie Tetherball filmed in Flint

Hollywood comes to Mid-Michigan with the filming of Tetherball in Flint.

NBC25 went to the latest shoot location to talk with some local actors about what it takes to be in the movies.

Lights, camera, action!

The feature-length comedy Tetherball is being filmed in Flint.

"It's about these guys that are kind of bums that work at this t-shirt store, they don't really have much going for them, but they play tetherball on the weekends," said Mt. Morris native Kirstie Munoz who plays Sara in Tetherball.

Their playground game eventually takes off becoming a national sensation.

Well-known actors Andy Dick and Dustin Diamond play a role, but what makes this movie unique is the local actors.

"I love it," said Munoz.

Mt. Morris native Kirstie Munoz plays Sara, the lead character's love interest.

"She's kind of a punk chick, she kinda just works there and doesn't really care for her job," said Munoz.

Flint resident Derek Neely plays Red, one of the bad guys.

"I gotta pretty strong mean face," said Flint resident Derek Neely who plays Red in Tetherball.

And then there are the extra's, many of whom live in Mid-Michigan. NBC25 TMs Jessica Harthorn even got to be in the movie.

The writer says he got his inspiration playing tetherball with his friends in Grand Rapids just a few months ago, he says they cracked a joke about the sport, and whalah, the movie was born.

If you want a good laugh, you will come see it," said Tetherball Writer Rick Dawson.

The crew filmed through the night at the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Flint.

It definitely takes a lot of hard work, because there are some nights you don't want to be on set because you are so tired and you've been up for four hours doing the same scene, said Munoz.

But Neely says filmmaking in his home city is inspiring.

"You know opportunities are here to do other things, you know GM is gone, so you got to make the best of what you got, and this is one of my dreams," said Neely.

Actors say they hope Tetherball will give them the experience they need to launch to the next level.

"Cut! Beautiful," said the Director Christopher Nickin.

Producers are planning a premiere in Flint sometime this winter.

Tetherball will go straight to DVD.