Local chefs help fight domestic violence

Bill LaFrance is one of the Chefs of Shelterhouse

For years the Shelterhouse in Midland has been helping victims of domestic abuse and violence.The area is also home to some top chefs. Combine the two and you have a recipe for an event that's charitable and delicious.

On April 25 at 5 o'clock at the Midland Center for the Arts, the Shelterhouse is holding a big fundraiser. Several of the Midland area's top chefs will create smaller portions of their specialties to raise money to help fight domestic abuse. One of them is Bill LaFrance of the Midland Holiday Inn. Bill says while the hotel generally serves comfort food, his banquet business features fare for the more discriminating palate.

On NBC 25 Today, Bill prepared a great panini sandwich, that included portabella mushrooms. He also made a spicy shrimp recipe that was very good. Bill and the other chefs will feature these dishes at the event on the 25th. Check it out. And bon appetite.

The head of the Shelterhouse, Jaine Ouderkirk says Dow Chemical and Dow Corning are among the sponsors of the event.