Local dad stabs wife in front of kids

Roscoe Harden

Inside a home just over the Genesee County line in Ortonville, an unthinkable chain of events played out in front of 2 small children last week.

Oakland County Sheriffs Deputies say it happened in the 400 block of Edward in the Village of Ortonville.They tell us:

  • The call originated from the Step-Daughter of the victim who advised dispatch her mother had been stabbed and her father was trying to burn down the home.

  • A Deputy arrived on scene and could hear screaming and yelling from the interior of the home.

  • Upon arrival of back up Sheriffâ??s units helped the woman (39 years old) and her children (Ages 4 and 5) exit the residence to safety.

  • Deputies entered the residence to locate the suspect and were confronted by a man in the Living Room. Subject could be observed to be bleeding from his right hand and refused multiple verbal commands to get on the ground and lunged towards the Deputies.

  • Deputies discharged a Taser believing he was still armed with the knife and the subject initially went down. He tried to get up and remove the Taser darts. He was then Tasered a second time. Subject was taken into custody without further incident.

  • After he was taken into custody a knife was recovered from the floor of the Living Room where the subject had originally been Tasered.

  • Investigation revealed the subject identified as 35 year old Roscoe Harden, who resides at this residence with his wife and daughters.

  • According to the victim, Harden woke up in an aggressive mood and instigated an argument with her.

  • Harden proceeded to use waste paper from the garbage and ignited it. This burning paper was then used by him in an attempt to set the Carpeting in the Master Bedroom on fire.

  • A small fire was started and began melting the carpeting when the victim was able to extinguish the flames with her hands.

  • The victim then gathered her two children and locked them in a bedroom for their protection.

  • The victim then ended up face-to-face with Harden after he entered the bedroom and he proceeded to strike her multiple times in the face with a closed fist.

  • While the victim was trying to fight off this assault Harden produced a small knife and stabbed her on time on her left side below the breast.

  • The victim managed to get free and contact family who in turn called Sheriffâ??s 911 center.

  • Both the victim and Harden were treated on scene by Brandon Twp. Fire Department. The victim refused transport to a medical facility and was released at the scene with non-life threatening injuries

  • They issued a four count warrant against Harden for Arson-Preparation to Burn Property over $20,000.00 (10 year Felony), Attempted Arson of a Dwelling House (5 year Felony), Assault w/a Dangerous Weapon-Felonious Assault (4 year Felony), and Resisting/Obstructing Police (2 year Felony).

  • Harden remains in jail.