Local dealers react to GM recall issues

There is a temporary fix for the more than a million drivers affected by the ignition switch issue. General Motors is under scrutiny after officials admit they didn't move fast enough to fix the problem. Dealers like Jim at Simms Chevrolet say the fix is fine for now but he's hoping this is a lesson learned.

Crystal Gilkes-Mitchell thought she was just getting an oil change Wednesday.

â??(They) said ya know your car is up for a recall and if you've got the time can we like fix it,â?? says GIlkes-Mitchell.

Dealers say recalls like Gilkes-Mtchell's have customers calling in.

â??15-20 a day and ya know we're a small franchise, a small dealer,â?? says Bill Vock, director of Fixed Operations at the dealership.

â??Itâ??s a double edged-sword. Of course we don't like any negative publicity whatsoever but whoever it also means it's creating work,â?? says Jim Simms, president of the dealership.

But dealers across the country are still waiting for parts.

â??April 7th, we're going to start seeing the parts come out,â?? says Vock.s

Meatime, there's a temporary solution for the biggest recall, the ignition problem. Dealers say take the extra keys off your key fob and the problem should be solved, for now.

â??Normally, we'd like to be prepared then release the information so we don't have this uproar,â?? says Vock.

While dealers and customers wait, they're still standing behind the golden bow-tie.

â??All Chevrolets, there's nothing else to sell,â?? says Simms.

â??Been very pleased with it,â?? adds Gilkes-Mitchell.

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