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      Local doctor say flu on the rise

      A Flint area doctor says local flu cases are on the rise and will get much worse over the next few months. That's the opinion of Dr. Bobby Mukkamala, an ear, nose and throat specialist who practices in the Flint area. The Michigan Department of Public Health agrees.

      Michigan health officials are reporting a higher number of flu cases earlier than usual this year. The Detroit News reports there were 63 cases of the flu in our state, that's up from 34 the previous week. Usually Michigan doesn't see those kinds of flu numbers till January. Dr. Bobby expects it will peak by then.

      The Michign Public Health Department and Dr. Bobby agree that nearly everyone should get a flu shot. On NBC 25 Today, Dr. Bobby dispelled myths about the shot. Still, some people, even medical experts disagree. Our health and wellness expert, Saginaw chiropractor Dr. Dan Kehres for instance urges his patients not to get a flu shot.