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      Local doctors warn against frostbite and hypothermia

      After this weekend's record snowfall, who doesn't want to hit local hills?

      ??It's awesome, I love the cold weather,?? says Dallas Dunlap of Swartz Creek.

      But local doctors are urging you to play it safe in the subzero temperatures.

      ??Make sure you cover your feet, toes, your hands, your fingers and your nose and ears,?? says Dr. Sanford Ross who works in the emergency room at Genesys Medical Center in Grand Blanc.

      Frostbite is no laughing matter with the mercury dipping below zero across mid-Michigan.

      ??With these extreme temperatures, frostbite can set in within a matter of minutes,?? says Ross.

      Genesys Medical Center already treating patients for the first signs of frostbite. Some of the first symptoms you'll see include ice crystals forming on your skin, a discoloration of the skin and pain lasting for more than a few hours.

      ??We are seeing a lot. A lot of the flu still and now we're starting to see some of the exposure illnesses,?? says Ross.

      And while some people are layering up for their outdoor expedition

      ??(Wearing) a lot of Under Armour and some mittens,?? says Dunlap.

      Others are not even chancing it.

      ??I'm going inside so I just tell 'em hey, you just have fun. You help yourself. I'm going inside with the warm weather,?? says Ryan Richardson of Flint.