Local group to speak out about teen pregnancy

Real talk (about sex) will occur this week in the Saginaw area at an event called "Prevention Starts With Me". Let's face it, teens have been known to explore sex, without consequences. Until a teenage girl gets pregnant.

A Saginaw-based Health Delivery official says the actual number of teenage pregnancies in Saginaw County is down. But that isn't making it any easier to talk to teens about sex. It's especially tough for parents.

So a special program will be held on Saturday talk about the consequences of sex.

Just for parents, a session called " Talk Early Talk Often" will be held on Saturday from 11 to 2 at Victorious Believers Ministries on Outer Drive, near Saginaw. At that same time, a session for youth ages 13 to 18 will be held to talk about prevention.

The events are sponsored by the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative with help from Health Delivery.

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