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      Local gun store unaffected by theater shooting

      It??s business as usual at Williams Gun Smithing in Saginaw.

      "We haven't seen any carry over from Aurora at all,?? said Dick Williams.

      Despite the recent violence in Mid Michigan.

      "We have had the same number of people killed here in Saginaw. And sometime we don't concentrate on that enough,?? added Williams.

      Randy Cianek is in the market for some extra protection at home.

      "Concealed weapons permit and just personal defense. Take care of my family,?? said Cianek.

      State use permits as a way to keep track of guns and also keep them out of the wrong hands.

      "You get a federal form fill it out it gets called in with your background information and it is a yes or a no,?? said Williams.

      Still there are loopholes that are hard to combat.

      "Its a flawed system. People can get them off the streets and that's hard to overcome."