Local hero is now an artist

Bill Kleinedler

Imagine getting badly hurt while fighting for our country. Bill Kleinedler of Swartz Creek was in Iraq in 2006, when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His truck was hit by an explosive device in Iraq and in an instant his life changed. Three of his buddies died in the explosion. Bill survived, but with major burns to his arms, face and hands.

Bill endured 10 surgeries. According to his biography, he was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio , Texas where he underwent years of rehabilitation. During recovery, he focused on his passion : Art.

In 2008 Bill received commission for a nineteen foot steel sculpture entitled "Hope" which became a permanent fixture at the Warrior Family Support Center on Fort Sam Houston, Texas. In 2010 he was commissioned for the annual United Way poster and a challenge coin for USAA. 2011-2012 USAA also commissioned William to draw a thirteen foot mural entitled "Eagle Pass" which now resides in their collection. William then was commissioned to design and build his second steel sculpture by the Fisher House Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts. This sculpture entitled "Integro" now resides at the Boston Fisher House in their outdoor healing garden.

This week, Bill will be at the Swartz Creek Art Gallery on Miller Road to showcase his art. Stop by and say hello to a true hero.

You can see his art here: