Local Iraq War veteran reflects on 10-year anniversary

Ten years have come and gone since the start of the war in Iraq. Hundreds from Michigan have served in the conflict and here back at home, they're getting support from neighbors and friends.

Sergeant John Adams spent 14 months serving in Iraq.

â??Rough tours over there,â?? says Adams.

The father of four has also served in Afghanistan and the Vietnam War but that doesn't make it any easier.

â??Thereâ??s hidden wounds in soldiers as well. Even though they're not hobbling through the door missing an arm and a leg, or an eye, they have eternal wounds,â?? says Adams.

That's why support programs like the one at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2777 in Burton are needed.

â??You can go and tell your war story with a certain amount of confidence that you're going to get some understanding,â?? says Adams.

Cheryl Mollosau has run the support group for a decade.

â??10 years this month, yup 10 years,â?? Mollosau recalls.

â??It's along time to be there,â?? says Adams.

Cheryl says her group has sent more than 15,000 care packages overseas. Those packages are going out less frequently now as the United States military pulls more and more troops out of the Middle East. For Cheryl and Sergeant Adams, that's a good thing.

â??Bring 'em all home. I'm going to keep doing it until we get them all home,â?? says Mollosau.

â??Itâ??s a good thing that we're coming back. The more that walk through the door or hobble through the door injured, is a blessing,â?? says Adams.