Local marathoner describes scene following Boston explosions

Lapeer native and Chicago resident Hannah Stone ran a personal best at the Boston Marathon Monday. Little did she know her 3:13 time would be greatly overshadowed by tragedy.

Stone told NBC25 that she finished the race about 45 minutes before explosions went off near the finish line. She was on her way to go eat with her family, when they began to hear the commotion.

â??A young girl came running up to me about my age, bawling, looking for her family saying, â??I can't get a hold of my family, I don't know where anybody is, I was just in the injury tent after the race, and they were kicking people out of there because they were bringing in people with lost limbs, blood was everywhere,â??â?? Stone described.

She said security in the city was still heavy around 9:30 p.m., and that the mood was solemn.

Stone said she and her family decided to stay in Monday night instead of celebrating, out of respect and safety concerns.

She will likely drive back to Michigan Tuesday.