Local organizations supporting Typhoon relief efforts

Aftermath of the typhoon

Nearly 10,000 people feared dead in The Philippines after a typhoon ravages the country

100 U.S. marines are already on the ground

"It's a whole government approach. The embassy has asked for not just military but USAID is here, international relief organizations are here,â?? says Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy with the Marine Expeditionary Force.

Filipino mid-Michiganders say their families back in their native country are struggling to get back on their feet.

â??Where my mother is a lot of houses were down, the roofs and everything but one reported casualty so far in that place,â?? says Angela Atendido.

The Atendido family of Grand Blanc received pictures from family in their native land, showing the damage.

â??It's heart wrenching, I can't watch the T.V.,â?? says Atendido. â??Especially where they have been hit hard,â?? she adds.

Local organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army are accepting monetary donations online.

100-percent of all of those donations that come through that website will go to the Philippines. Even if somebody drops off a check here and puts on it, Philippines typhoon,â?? says Timothy Parker, business manager for the Salvation Army of Flint.

Itâ??s help the Atendido family says their family really needs.

"i'm just worried about their food supply, no electricity. It will take weeks and even months,â?? says Atendido.

To donate to the Red Cross, click here.

To donate to the Salvation Army, click here.