Local reaction on news of Delphi Flint East plant shutting down

People reacting to the closing of the Delphi East plant

A Mid-Michigan auto plant is closing its doors.

Delphi Flint East will end production by November.

This is GM's last remaining Delphi Plant.

There used to be thousands of workers, now there are 287 workers that will be affected by the plant closing.

The workers are represented by the UAW Local 651.

The plant is operated by Delphi, but the workers are from GM.

Last week, UAW Local 651 members approved a strike authorization passing with 72% voting yes.

The plant makes parts for the Chevy Silverado, which are now according to union leaders, going to be made in Mexico.

This plant closure comes on the heels of another GM plant closing, the Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center.

Wednesday morning people at the Starlite Diner, located across from the Delphi Flint East plant, responded to the news of the Delphi East closure.