Local reactions to historic Right to Work legislation

Three years ago Governor Rick Snyder promised right to work legislation was not on his agenda but Thursday was a much different story. Gov. Snyder, saying he plans to sign the bill into law.

Right to Work laws give workers the choice to join a union.

For republican supporters like Senator Roger Kahn, they say "Right to Work" is making Michigan more competitive.

But opponents like State Senator John Gleason think otherwise.

"If you believe one way and I believe another we should be big enough and respectful enogh and honest enough to openly exchange other opinions. We weren't given that opportunity," says Senator John Gleason, (D) 27th District.

Local UAW 699 president Ron Tribula says he is disappointed in state legislators but he doesn't think "Right to Work" will have an impact at the local union level.

"Local UAW 699 is a pretty solid union, I have to say. From the lowest temp up to the top it's a solid union," says Tribula.

The bill still needs approval from opposing chambers.

Each chamber must consider the bill for at least five days before voting.