Local residents protest impending fiscal cliff

In our nation's capital the talks heating up Friday over the fiscal cliff, which is just four days away from becoming a reality.

Back here in Mid-Michigan, residents are also trying to get their voices heard.

"Right now this whole country is in a state of financial turmoil and we need the wealthiest two percent to pay more money so that we can all have a little more of a cushion because this will affect us all," protestor Trevor Belger.

If no deal is struck by the new year, taxes will go up on every worker next week, the extension to unemployment benefits expires and deep spending cuts set in. threatening another recession.

That's something protestors in front of Congressman Dave Camp's office just won't tolerate.

"I hope that Republicans and Democrats can come to an agreement and not renew the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent and come to an agreement so it doesn't hurt us," Belger said.

"Rebpulicans have acted to prevent tax rates from going up on every american taxpayer, and now we need the Cemocrat-controlled Senate to act. i urge them to do so quickly," Camp said in a statement released on Friday.