Local runner dedicates training to Boston victims

Some local marathon competitors have made their way back to Mid-Michigan following Monday's tragedy in Boston.

Kelsey Bragg has been running for much of her life.

So it comes as no surprise that she's not letting Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon stop her from doing what she loves, but she says, the incident is having an effect on her reason for running.

"Some people dream about their wedding when they're little my thing was I want to run the Boston Marathon," says Fenton marathon runner, Kelsey Bragg.

Monday, she conquered the 26.2 mile-feat in 3hrs 16 minutes.

"I didn't think i would do that well."

But the happiness she felt then quickly faded.

"You could just feel something was wrong in the air when I got out of the building," says Bragg.

Kelsey was one block away from where a bomb went off along the marathon route, killing three and injuring dozens more.

"Supposed to be a day of celebration of triumph and so many people work their whole lives to get there and to have it ruined was devastating."

As the city of Boston continues to recover back in Michigan, Kelsey says the tragedy is strengthening the tightly-laced running community.

"I think they targeted the wrong people in marathon runners because they are a resilient people."

Kelsey is already back in training. She says Wednesday's run holds special meaning.

"I wanted to dedicate my run today to everyone in Boston and i'm going to keep running and racing and hopefully be back in Boston."

This was Kelsey's fourth marathon.