Local runners reflect on Boston Marathon bombing

Anita Harless

Next week's running of the Boston Marathon is expected to be the second-largest ever.

Several local runners are lacing up, getting ready for Mondayâ??s race.

One local runner who was in Boston when the bombs went off a year ago says she's running in memory of those who can't.

Anita Harless is the type of person who just doesn't quit.

â??Never let any opportunity go because you're afraid,â?? says Harless who works as a stylist in Clarkston.

No surprise to her friends, Anita finished the 2013 Boston Marathon in three and a half hours.

â??I knew she'd do it. You don't understand how much this girl runs,â?? says Katie Mink, a friend of Harless.

â??You get out there and you do the greatest thing you can possibly do and you finish with victory and excitement,â?? says Harless.

What happened just half an hour later, Anita will never forget.

â??I wanted some Boston Chowder,â?? says Harless. â??So we went to get something to eat and we were at the counter and the first bomb went off."

â??I didn't know if anything happened to my children, my husband, I couldn't find them,â?? recalls Harless.

That paralyzing fear is now motivating Anita to share her story online.

â??The marathon, despite what happened last year, is still going to prevail,â?? says Harless. â??This year, Bostonâ??s going to be like no other,â?? she adds.

Harless leaves for Boston this weekend. You can follow her journey on her blog, here.