Local school gives back on Thanksgiving

It's a Thanksgiving Day tradition in Flint.

For the fifth straight year the International Academy of Flint served a full Thanksgiving dinner to members of the community and a hot meal wasn't the only thing on the menu.

"By them getting a hot meal, they get a chance to look at the clothing and choose clothing that we have here and they also get a box of food from the food bank," said board president Diane Thompson.

The academy expects to serve around 400 this Thanksgiving and the sunny skies and warm temperatures might push that number even higher.

"It's a beautiful day out today we might exceed what we've done in the past because of the weather so that's a blessing," Thompson said.

"We as a staff we all realize the importance of that simple term giving back especially when you give back to your own kids your own students," director Art Wenzlaff said.

The academy even called on some previous students to help serve food.

"I graduated in 2010 now I go to Michigan State," former student Dylan Luna said. "I live around the corner so we always come out to help since it's our neighborhood and everything, it's all about the community."