Local snow plow business gearing up for heavy snowfall finally

Local snow plow businesses gearing up for heavy snow.

A lot of businesses that rely on snow have been hurting this winter but that's about to change with Thursday night's heavy snowfall.

"I'd love to see it snow into the night and into the better part of tomorrow," said Rob Garpiel, President of Garpiel Landscaping.

Garpiel said he's been on pins and needles waiting for a snowstorm to hit. He was just as anxious when we checked in on his business in December.

"This month (December) has been absolutely terrible for us."

Rob says he counts on snow to make up more than 40 percent of his sales but that's not the case this year.

"It's tough on me because I have to dip into savings to the bills," said Garpiel.

He's not the only one feeling the heat.

"The local distribution centers for our pallet materials, the centers that repair the snow plows, the local companies that sell cutters and hydraulic and transmission shops, they are all hurting. It trickles down."

The winter has been so mild Rob has not needed to call in the 40 seasonal workers he usually hires this time of year. Rob believes all that will change Thursday and Friday.

"We live in Michigan and let's not kid ourselves, it's going to snow again and we're going to be busy and there's a lot of winter ahead of us."