Local students react to election of new pope

Local Catholics are rejoicing after the election of a new pope. The students at Nouvel Catholic High School in Saginaw even held their own conclave.

The students were on the edge of their seats to see if their predictions would come true. On Tuesday, the students held a conclave, mimicking the process in Vatican City.

The students predicted Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana would become pope. In the end, the students were wrong but nonetheless, they're still happy to have a new leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rev. Eddie Dwyer, the assistant chaplain at Nouvel Catholic High School, says the election of the first pope from Latin America signals unity.

"So, it's really cool to witness the white smoke and everybody being so excited for change. I really think it's a cool experience,â?? says 11th grader Bridget Bator.

"It signals the universality of the church more than anything. I think it shows that the church is no longer just a church for Europe or a product of Europe. The church is universal and has to keep a universal watch,â?? says Rev. Dwyer.

Father Dwyer also says choosing the name Francis and asking for a blessing from the people gathered in Vatican City shows this pope is very humble. Dwyer says that's something the church needs right now.