Lots of questions, few answers at Buena Vista emergency meeting

It was a packed house at Buena Vista High School in the emergency meeting called by the school board and school administrators.

There are a lot of questions about the future of the school district. Administrators weren't able to answer those questions and thatâ??s not sitting well with parents and students.

Laurenzo Caldwell has a bright future ahead of him. Heâ??s already made his college decision.

â??North Lake in Irving, Texas,â?? says the college senior when asked where heâ??s going to college. But his future plans were dimmed this week.

â??They asking (sic) me to send in my end of the year transcripts like final exams and last semester grades and I don't think we can do that because we're not going to school,â?? says Caldwell.

Laurenzo and his classmates are locked out of the district after officials laid off all the teachers. The district says they ran out of cash to pay the teachers.

â??I love this district so much and I just got a hate in my heart right now,â?? says Caldwell. â??It's just crazy,â?? he adds.

School officials tried to calm fears Tuesday night.

â??Iâ??m telling you I can't open up schools if I don't have teachers,â?? says Buena Vista superintendent Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill.

Answers questions like, will there be school next week or even next year are still up in the air.

â??I can't speak to any of that as I said tonight until after I have my meetings and I add closure to what's going on with the Michigan Department of Education,â?? says Hunter-Harvill.

But board members fear this could be the end of the Buena Vista school district as we know it.

â??It might. It could possibly be,â?? says school board member Frances Hayes. â??This could possibly be. But Iâ??m hoping not. There are still some other things we're working on,â?? she adds.

While school officials hope, Laurenzo just wants to walk across the stage.

â??We need help. We need someone to step in and say this is us; we're going to take control of this,â?? says Caldwell. They've been messing up way too long,â?? he adds.

Now the superintendent tells us she has been meeting with the department of education and that there will also be a school board meeting Thursday night.

Until then, that means no classes in the Buena Vista school district.