Love it or hate it, blizzard conditions are on the way

Mid-Michigan TMs relationship with snow appears to be strained.

As the expectation of a major winter storm shuts down government offices, businesses, schools and cancels flights, many are frustrated.

Tawas resident John Pfeiffer tried to take a break from the whole affair by planning a trip to Florida. Then, Tuesday morning, he missed his flight.

I would have been there at 10:30 this morning if I would have made my flight, said Pfeiffer.

Instead, he is sitting at Flint Bishop International Airport, hoping he gets to his sunny destination.

It is more than 70 degrees where he is headed in Florida.

Flint is expected to be hit with a blizzard and possibly record-breaking snow.

It is not that I don TMt like Flint, but I would like to be in Florida, he said.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling spent his Tuesday planning for the snow, coordinating plow crews, announcing city offices wouldn TMt be open to the public, and asking residents to stay off the roads Tuesday night into Wednesday to make snow removal easier.

He says he is hoping the groundhog doesn TMt see his shadow on this stormy Groundhog TMs Day.

Hope springs eternal, said the mayor. But it is hard to believe we will get spring early when you look at this.