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      'Love your city' lot dumping re-emerges

      Since Operation Love Your City in May the dynamics of the vacant lot on home Avenue have gone from something clean and beautiful to a place residents say they don't even want to walk.

      "The people that's doing it should be ashamed of themselves," said a Flint resident.

      Six months ago the NBC25 team joining the Love Your City Initiative and cleaned this lot removing trash, leaves and cutting down the tall grass. Now the lot is back to its original state.

      "We got to do a better job, Iâ??m new I got to pay attention I got provide leadership to this area," said Flint Councilman Eric Mays.

      Now blanketed with snow the trash and debris is almost out of site. But neighbors say they know it's there.

      "Itâ??s kind of sad, itâ??s real sad they want to do your neighborhood like that," said a Flint resident.

      Residents near the lot refused to go on camera. For the same reason they say their neighborhood is turning back into a dumping ground.

      "I want to keep living and I don't want to cause no problems because these people around here don't mind doing terrible stuff to you," said the resident.

      Newly elected Flint City Councilman Eric Mays is looking to put an end to the growing problem.

      "If you got houses and commercial buildings and stuff on land people wonâ??t dump," said Mays.

      For now the future of this lot remains up in the air but Councilman Mays says it takes an entire community to keep these abandoned lots clean and when that fails it takes their government.