M-DOT crews to continue work overnight

A look at some of the state roads across Mid-Michigan. / Rob Zielesch

We are still planning on keeping crews out all night long, said Gregg Brunner, manager of M-DOT TMs Bay City Transportation Center. Brunner said drivers who have to head into work Thursday morning should face a less hazardous commute, since state road crews are continuing their work against the remaining elements.

It looks like the snow is dying down and the wind is going to die down later so we TMre going to keep at it until everything is cleaned out. M-DOT had 33 plows active in Saginaw County during the height of the storm Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

While crews will still be at it Wednesday night, they ask that you continue to limit your driving, and stay home if you don TMt have to travel anywhere.

M-DOT also posted a video message of safety tips and driving advice on it's YouTube channel:

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