Made in Michigan: Vlasic Pickles

When you hear that signature crunch, it means only one thing. It's a Vlasic.

And that classic Vlasic crunch starts at Imlay City's 500,000 square feet Vlasic pickle factory.

The production is pickle paradise that would make Peter Piper proud.

Brad Stahlecker, director of pickle manufacturing, says "This is America's number one pickle."

It's also Lapeer County's number one employer.

"We're very proud of it," Stahlecker says.

At peak season, 650 workers produce what starts from Michigan farm fields and ends up on store shelves everywhere.

Vlasic pickles also supports Michigan agriculture. 25% of the cucumbers that came here are from Michigan farmers.

That means $13-million for the local crop.

The majority of jars are still processed by hand. Workers can stuff 5 jars a minute.

You may be wondering, why would a pickle factory want to be in Michigan?

Stahlecker says, "Michigan is the number one producer of pickles in the country."

Vlasic alone processes 60-million pounds of Michigan pickles.

So whether it's peppers, pickles, stackers, relish, or any variety that features the signature stork, when you buy Vlasic, you're buying locally.

Stahlecker says, "We make over 100 varieties and sizes of Vlasic pickles. We think it's the best product on the market and we hope people buy Vlasic and buy locally."

Vlasic pays $500,000 in property taxes, $14-million in payroll, and nearly $2-million in payroll taxes.

In all, Vlasic pumps around $30-million into the local economy.