Making Flint more accessible for everyone

About a dozen people in brainstormed ideas of how they'd like to see Flint be more accessible to wheelchairs, strollers and pedestrians.

The Disability Network hosted a master plan workshop Tuesday afternoon as part of the cityâ??s ongoing efforts to draft a 20-year master plan.

People suggested having more accessible polling places, more shelters for people with disabilities and better transportation.

But they said a lot of the simple changes they want to see - like fixing sidewalks - can also help the greater population.

"As we plan and as we think about what is out future going to look like we want it to be usable and accessible by everybody,â?? The Disability Networkâ??s president, Mike Zelley, said. He added, â??When we make things accessible for folks with disabilities, generally, we're making it accessible for everyone."

City leaders are looking for continued public input for the master plan.

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