Man accused of burning girlfriend loses control in court

The man accused of bashing in his girlfriend TMs skull and torturing her had several outbursts as he faced a judge Wednesday for the first day of his preliminary hearing.

35-year-old David Ketchum faces numerous charges including torture, assault with intent to murder, and felonious assault.

Ketchum yelled, You lie. Fabrication, as an emergency room doctor described his girlfriend TMs injuries, saying they looked like burns caused by someone throwing boiling water or oil on them.

Ketchum has claimed he found the victim in a tub of scalding water.

Covenant HealthCare TMs Dr. Tracie Shea, M.D. testified that her patient was near death when she arrived at the emergency room, having suffered skull fractures, burns, and numerous other injuries.

Two other witnesses testified about the events the night before the alleged attack, painting a picture of a man with anger issues.

One spoke about calling 911 about a fight with Ketchum. A teenage witness testified that Ketchum made several threatening phone calls to her after an argument.

As one witness spoke Ketchum began making gestures, and the judge ordered him to stop it.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled to continue April 30, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.. The judge is expected to decide at that time whether he will go to trial.