Man arrested after his home burns and car is found in ditch

David Gillis has been charged for allegedly burning down his own home.

Update: April 29th

David Gillis was charged Thursday for "arson of a dwelling" in Bay County District Court. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

As Bay City firefighters worked to put out a fire at one man TMs home Tuesday night, Bay County Sheriff TMs investigators responded to the same man TMs car in a nearby ditch. The man was no where to be found.

He was drunk, said Glenn Behmlander.

Behmlander lives near Stone Island and Two Mile Roads in Frankenlust Township where the man crashed his car.

He didn TMt see the stop sign. He didn TMt see the road ended. He just drove straight into the ditch.

Behmlander says the man was holding a beer and covered in mud when he knocked on his door. He offered to pay $100 for help getting his car out of the ditch, so he could continue on his way.

I made up a story, told him I needed to call a buddy to help him. I then called 911.

By the time deputies responded the man had staggered away, and could not be found.

Investigators looked for the man overnight, then this morning he simply walked into the police department to answer questions.

I took him to the police department so he could answer questions, said a man who identified himself as the father of the man who lived in the burned up manufactured home.

I hope to God he didn TMt burn his home. I don TMt think he did.

Police arrested twenty-two year old David Gillis after he turned himself in for questioning. He is in the Bay County Jail awaiting possible arraignment.

It is a suspicious fire, said Bay City Fire Investigator Bob Beck.

Beck says his investigation found someone poured flammable liquid in the bedroom just before the blaze.