Man charged for chase that led to Michigan State Police Trooper's death

Carl D. Entrekin has been charged for leading authorties on a high speed chase and having possession of drugs.

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We asked if you think, if found guilty, Carl Entrekin should fce harsher punishments.. Here's a couple of our fan's reactions:

Amanda Willford-Cote' says, "The kid should be charged with murder and go to prison! A family lost a husband and a father. A community lost a great service man who put his life on the line literally for us every day! Trooper Werda was a great man who would do anything ...he could to help out whether in uniform or not. It has been said but I will say it again- If the kid was not breaking the law what 4 or 5 times over....Trooper Werda would not have been called to the chase and therfore whould still be with us. What message would law enforcement be sending if if the kid was not charged for murder and got off with a slap on the wrist- bragging that he got off easy AND removed one of MI troopers off the road, makes me sick and very angry to even think about!!!!! SEND HIM TO PRISON FOR A LONG LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!" Dianne Kay Zarodkiewicz-Avery states, "I feel sorry for the troopers family however, the criminal should be charged as all other criminals and than go to trial. He was not the cause of the officer being ejected. If we had an accident and lived we would be charged with not wearing a seatbelt and if we died from speed and no seat belt we would be dead. Accidents happen but this man even though he was breaking the law was not the cause of this accident, he may have contributed to the officers decisions but not the cause of him losing control of his patrol car." Join the conversation and let us know how you feel.

The man, who allegedly led authorities on a high speed chase, has been charged. A Michigan State Police Trooper was responding to the chase Wednesday morning when his car rolled over, and he died.

The chase suspect, 23-year-old Carl David Entrekin of Oakley was arraigned in Saginaw County Circuit Court Thursday. He TMs been charged with first-degree manslaughter fleeing and eluding, operating a motor vehicle with the presence of marijuana, use of marijuana, possession of marijuana and, driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Wednesday, the Saginaw County Sheriff TMs Department began the chase and called for Michigan State Police backup. Trooper Jeffrey Werda received the call, and began heading to the scene. For an unknown reason, Trooper Werda TMs car rolled in Birch Run, and the 43-year-old man was ejected from the vehicle. He died from the injuries.

Entrekin was caught at the Stoddard Mobile Home Trailer Park shortly after the Trooper's death.

Entrekin will go before a judge for a preliminary examination later this month.

In the meantime, we want to know if you think Entrekin should face harsher punishments because of the death of Trooper Werda if he TMs found guilty. Leave your comments here or on the NBC25 Facebook page.