Man charged in murder of Tanisha Colton

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced today that a man has been charged in the murder of Tanisha Colton.

The man's name will be released at the arraignment that is expected this afternoon.

The prosecutor said that the man suffocated Colton in her sleep after Colton and the man had an argument where she accused him of sexually assaulting a child.

After suffocating Colton, he woke up her three children and placed Colton and the kids in a car, according to officials.

Leyton said he then drove the car to Toledo, though he stopped on the way and bought sleeping pills and cough syrup. The children were given the cough syrup and sleeping pills, putting them to sleep.

The children told officials that the man gave them a "yucky green liquid."

Leyton says the man then drove to Toledo and attempted to get a hotel room using Colton's credit card. The clerk insisted that Colton had to sign for the room since it was her card.

At this point, according to the prosecutor, the man went back to his car to sleep. Later, he left Toledo to return to Flint.

Leyton said it was during this return trip that he dumped Colton's body in a ditch in Ash Township.

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