Man claims growing medical marijuana cost him his home

A Tuscola County man has a warning for all medical marijuana patients. If you don TMt follow the rules, you could lose your home.

I don TMt think they should take my house, says Patrick McDonald.

The Cass City man says police showed up at his home several weeks ago and told him he had to move.

The reason? The medical marijuana patient is accused of growing and selling marijuana out of the home. Police have the right to seize property if they believe it is linked to criminal activity.

McDonald denies selling marijuana, but admits that when police raided his home he had too many plants. He had only had clearance to grow medical marijuana for about 18 days, and says he had three medium sized plants, and 14 plants just days old. Under the law he says he was allowed 12, but thought some of the new plants would die.

You TMre gonna take my house for plants two inches tall? asks McDonald.

Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene says this should send a message to medical marijuana users and caregivers. They need to follow the rules.

He says his office is charging McDonald because there is solid evidence he was dealing drugs. He also says McDonald didn TMt appear in court to challenge the seizure of his home. McDonald claims he never got notice of the hearing.

McDonald is scheduled to go on trial before a jury on December 16, 2010.