Man killed in Isabella Township after being struck by pickup truck

The Isabella County Sheriff's Department reports that a man is dead after being struck by a pickup truck last night.

The crash occurred on M-20 just west of Sherman Road just after 10 pm, according to police.

A vehicle was stopped with its hazards on and called 911 due to finding a deer lying dead in the road.

Another vehicle, driven by Jaremy Stiles, age 37 from Big Rapids, stopped behind the first vehicle to see if that driver needed assistance.

Stiles had shut off his vehicle lights when he went to check on the first driver.

While Stiles was returning to his car, a pickup truck approached, saw the deer but not the cars, and swerved to the right to avoid hitting the deer.

When the driver of the pickup truck spotted Stiles, he swerved further to his right and went into a ditch. Stiles, police say, also went into the ditch in what they believe was an attempt to avoid being hit by the pickup truck.

Instead, he ran right into the path of the pickup truck and was struck and killed.

Stiles was pronounced dead at the scene.