Man makes miraculous recovery, hopes to move home

As a Montrose man works to recover from the injury doctors doubted he would his family is working to bring him home.

Sunday night, family, friends and complete strangers got together at the Swartz Creek American Legion to help Jeff Wright and his wife reunite at home.

"Most of the doctors say there is absolutely no medical reason for me to be alive," said Wright.

On February 15, Jeff took a paralyzing fall in a roofing accident.

"That resulted in over 45 fractures of his kull and damage to his brain. Brain bleeds, broken neck, broken back and we were told he had a 5 percent chance of survival," said Jeff's wife, Margaret Sauser.

Now, just over three months later, that five percent chance turning into the road to recovery.

"We went from being blind and paralyzed to where I could move my arms and legs in a couple weeks and after that they got me walking on parallel bars," said Jeff.

His medical progress, Jeff says, is thanks to the team at Covenant Rehab Center but he also attributes his miraculous recovery to faith.

"I believe God's had his hand on me somehow or another and He needs me to do something else," he said.

"He's going to walk. If you're ever met him or talked to him long enough you'll realize he's here for a reason. God has a purpose," said Jeff's wife, Margaret.

While his medical conditions improve the family has struggled financially.

To bring Jeff home, they need a ramp at their house.

Friends, family and complete strangers gathered Sunday to lend a hand.

It's keeping Jeff and Margaret optimistic.

"He's a fighter," Margaret said about Jeff. "He's fought, pushed. He has been determined he will walk with me on the beach with me again," Margaret smiles. "Our anniversary is Fourth of July and we wanted to go to Tawas and he keeps saying we might make it."

To contribute to Jeff's rehabilitation fund, click here.