Man released on bond after showing fake government ID at movie theater

A Flint man is out on bond after being charged with a federal offense for having fake government identification while bringing a gun and wearing body armor at a Grand Blanc Township movie theater.

24-year-old Cassidy Delavergne of Flint has been released on bond and faces possession of fake government identifiication.

Tuesday he entered the Trillium Theater wearing body armor, visibly displaying a handgun and carrying rounds of ammunition.

Grand Blanc Township police responded to the theater after someone noticed Delavergne's vest and gun.

Legally, Delavergne is permitted to carry a weapon. He also possessed a Concealed Pistol License.

The problem, say police, Delavergne was wearing a fake CIA identifiacation card and badge and originally told officials he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, a federal crime.

The FBI is now handling the case.

Delavergne was released on bond and will attend an scheduled pre-trial hearing.

Delavergne is required to submit to a mental health evaluation and seek treatment if necessary.

He is not permitted to possess a firearm or ammuntition.

His CPL has also been revoked by Genesee County because of the federal charge.

Tom Mysberge, a critical incident manager, explained that Delavergne was within his legal rights to carry a gun but it can create issues in many public settings.

"He was within his legal limits but it comes down to when he has to respect the rights of everyone else. If you're there sitting with your family you shouldn't be uncomfortable," said Mysberge.

The theater issued the following statement regarding the incident:

"Our employees and onsite security notified the local authorities so a resolution could be achieved in a quick and calm fashion. We have no further comment on this unforuntunate situation at this time." NCG Granc Blanc.