Man with criminal history has been charged in cold case murder

Suspect: Rodney Slayton. / Mike Horne

A Saginaw man with a criminal history is now facing murder charges for a case that is over a decade old.

Rodney Slayton is accused of murdering Lynette Gibson on February 1, 1992. Slayton allegedly killed her, and then dumped her body at a bar on the 100 block of S. Niagara Road in Saginaw.

The suspect TMs criminal history is quite extensive. In 1985, he was charged with Breaking and Entering with intent. Later that year, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. In 1986, he escaped prison and was also charged for driving an unauthorized vehicle. Then, in 1993, he was given a 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge.

Slayton had been out on parole until Detectives from Saginaw Police Department and members of the Violent Crime Task Force linked him to Gibson TMs murder.

Officials reopened the case in 2009. They say new technology allowed them to reevaluate the DNA evidence. That evidence and further witness interviews led them to believe Slayton was a key suspect. He was immediately put back into the Saginaw Correctional Facility.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the murder.

Wednesday, the judge denied his bond, calling him dangerous. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 17th.

Gibson, the victim, was a mother of five children. Those children, who are now adults, have been contacted. They tell officials they never thought police could find the suspect responsible. They say they TMre thankful that they may soon have some closure to the horrible crime.