Mass layoffs inside Flint city hall

The layoffs were discussed during Brown's 2013 budget presentations.

Flint Emergency Financial Manager Mike Brown issued layoff notices to around 100 city workers on Friday.

"There's a lot of uncertainty right now with the layoffs because of bumping rights, so we can't give a firm number about which departments and who's being laid off. That process is ongoing throughout the day," said Flint Public Information Officer Jason Lorenz.

Bumping rights refer to when a senior employee loses his or her job but is able to take the job of an employee with less experience.

The cuts affect all of Flint's departments with the exception of police and fire.

Thirty two jobs were saved in the fire department when a federal SAFER grant was renewed in late May.

Brown has balanced Flint's budget for 2013, but is in the process of borrowing more than $19 million from the state to pay off debts from 2011 and 2012.

Those funds will come in the form of stabilization bonds.