May the 4th be with this frosty and hot forecast

May the 4th be with you!

Ok, now that the mandatory Star Wars reference is done lets talk about this frost.

Tonight everywhere south of the Tri-cities is under a frost advisory until 8am tomorrow.

Take precautions to protect your plants outdoors by either covering them or taking them inside.

I would recommend bringing them in since Monday night has a chance for frost as well.

Showers and storms roll in behind the warm front Wednesday night as we march hard towards just below 80 degrees on Thursday.

From winter temps to summer temps all in one week, that's Michigan spring for you.

Right now severe weather is not expected but some storms may be a little stronger with the added energy the system has.

So, for right now just be ready to enjoy the warmth after the frost, and watch the video for my attempt to throw as many Star Wars puns/references into the forecast as I can.