Mayor Walling and Flint council to take a 10 percent cut in pay

A special commission votes to cut the pay of the mayor and city council by ten percent. / Jason Dubois

Chances are if you had the choice, you probably would decide not to sit in on a meeting with managers assigned to discuss cuts in your pay. However in Flint, that TMs what Mayor Dayne Walling and a handful of city council members did, and at their request.

Walling and City Council Finance Chairman Joshua Freeman asked for a special meeting with the Local Officers Compensation Commission, looking for a 10 percent cut in their salaries. They got just that, in the name of shared sacrifices as they ask employees to make double digit concessions. Walling will lose 10 percent of his nearly $102,000 annual salary. Council members make about $22,000 a year and will see 10 percent less there as well.

It TMs symbolic but the principal is if we TMre asking all of the employees to take a hit, the leadership should lead, said C. Frederick Robinson, chairman of the commission.

However only Freeman along with council members Scott Kincaid and Sheldon Neeley showed up, meaning six were absent. Some like Neeley worry it could send the wrong message about shared sacrifice.

It should have been a full unity. We speak as a body, he said. Yet Robinson said the committee made no special efforts to require all members of the city council to appear.

Walling said that the numbers actually add up to more than 10 percent when given the increase he and other officials will be paying into their health care packages, and adjustments in other benefits.

Council previously took a five percent cut in pay back in 2003. This round of pay cuts will take effect during the first week of April.