Mayor Walling to keep some of Brown's decisions in place

Mayor Walling has not brought back any staff laid off by Brown.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling tells NBC25 he will keep his pay reduced, despite having the power to reverse all decisions made by Mike Brown while he was the city's Emergency Financial Manager.

Brown stripped Walling of his pay and benefits in early December, only to restore benefits and 60 percent of his pay in late December.

City council, whose pay was stripped by Brown and later partially restored, will continue to get about 30 percent of their pay.

"Purchasing decisions, department head approvals all have to go through the city council. The focus is going to be on getting the budget process on track so it can be completed for early April," said Mayor Walling on Friday afternoon.

Walling also said he has not brought back any of the staff members laid off by Brown.

Brown let go the city administrator, ombudsman and several other department heads the day after taking over in December.

Brown was temporarily stripped of his emergency financial manager responsibilities by an Ingham County Circuit Court judge last week.

The judge upheld her decision Tuesday afternoon, and signed the official order Friday morning.

The state Attorney General's office has appealed the decision.

The state's financial review team will likely meet in the coming weeks to discuss Flint's financial picture.

That meeting will be open to the public, in order to not be a violation of Michigan's Open Meetings Act.